Best Country for MBBS In Abroad

Best Country for MBBS Study In Abroad

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    Which is the Best Country for MBBS in Abroad?

    • 21 Jul 2021
    • Posted By : Doctors Query
    • Abraod

    Let's divide this one in three parts as it will be easy for you to understand according to your budget.

    Suppose you are having an extraordinary high budget of 1–2 crores or higher and want to get your studies done from one of the best countries in the world then we would like to suggest countries like Australia, Canada, New Zealand, United Kingdom, United States of America as these countries hold the crown of being one of the best in healthcare and education in the world. Many people seek for good institutions in these countries.

    Secondly, let's assume that you are on a medium budget of 20–30 lakhs and still want to pursue MBBS from a foreign country then countries like Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan would be the best options. From these also, I will suggest to think about country like Russia because there are some really good universities like Crimea State Medical University and Kazan Federal University which have the best passing percentage in FMGE and have the budgets of around 25-30 lakhs including everything for 6 years.

    Thirdly if you are very good in studies and have managed to secure a seat in Indian Government medical college then it's better to stay in your homeland because it is the cheapest option out there and you will not face any change of surroundings.

    At last, all the options above require a student who has qualified NEET so it's better to study and do well in NEET. If unfortunately it does not happen due to some obvious reasons then you can opt for the foreign universities, they are the best choices over private medical colleges in India.

    After getting a degree from the foreign countries, you have to pass a screening test (NEXT) for getting licensed and practice in India. Both Indian Medical Graduates and Foreign Medical Graduates need to pass this test now so all are on the same page and equal.


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