Problems students face while studying abroad

21-05-2021 DoctorsQuery Studing Abroad Problems

Problems are everywhere, we face them in India also but if we talk about studying in foreign countries, it is obvious to think about unexpected things. We the team DoctorsQuery are ourselves students so we know how it actually feels to study abroad. Let's list the problems we faced while studying in Russia.

The language

If we talk about Russia, it is completely a Russian speaking country. Many Russians don't know or don't like to speak English there so we have to learn their language first. Of course, universities teach the language to foreign students at least for two years as a subject in curriculum but we've to figure things out sooner as we need Russian while shopping for groceries, buying medicines or going out somewhere. Google and our teachers helped us a lot in the initial days. Russian is a lovely language, you'll find it interesting to learn with caring and loving teachers.


Students planning to move abroad must know how adjust. Mess is available there but we feel that we can never replace India in terms of taste. If you know cooking, you can prepare and have your own food as hostels have kitchens there. But for saving your time, joining mess is a better option.


Winters are so cold in Russia. Temperature remains under Zero at some places there so catching cold, flu is normal for people having weak immunities. One should be prepared for that. Although we students have a medical insurance there so in case of trouble we can contact the medical team, an ambulance with a doctor comes to our room and if necessary takes us to the hospital. But still, winters make it quite hard to leave the room because rooms are equipped with heaters and feel better than the chilling environment outside.


Not for everyone but some students may find it unfair to have 100% attendance in Russia. That's not the case in India, students can bunk classes, have common offs but in Russia, teacher won't sign your score card for one absence too. Seems problematic but you can get used to it with time. If you could not attend class for some understandable reason, you can rework it by talking with your teacher.


You miss these people in any part of the world you go. So home sickness is common.

In the end, no problem is bigger than what you'll get after studying there. Everything will be brighter and with less problems. It will be unfair if we say “with no problems” because they are indeed an integral part of our life and help us to grow more.