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If You Are Planning To Go To Russia For Studies, Know How Are Quality Of Studies In Russia And Is Russia Safe For Students?

Russia is world’s largest nation by considerable margin, and in fact has a rare distinction of being spread across 2 continents. is a transcontinental country in Eastern Europe and North Asia. Russia is a clean country and offers all facilities one can imagine. Apart form wonderful study facilities, you wil have chance to enjoy life after college hours. Whether you are looking for entertainment, culture or meditation. In general it is a safe place to be, with less climatic catastrophes and less socioeconomic challenges. So you could

Local press reports have detailed government plans to boost the foreign student population some three times, to around 700,000, by 2025.

International students enrolled in Russia is fastly increasing. It increased by 60%, 139,600 students during the 2013 to 229,300 by 2017.

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