Best Medical Universities in Kazakhstan for MBBS

We at Doctors Query believe that best university for anyone is the one which is most suitable for oneself keeping in Mind the location, fees, Monthly expense, and one’s personal needs. Still, to make things a little Easier for students we have made a list of Medical Universities that can be said Best Medical Universities all together, based on the reviews and Views of the Students who are studying in Kazakhstan in these Universities as well as other Universities.

Kazakhstan has been a common destination for International students for pursuing MBBS right from Soviet times of Kazakhstan. Kazakhstan boasts an astounding 30 positions amongst 100 Highest ranking Medical Universities according to the data provide by World Health Organization (WHO) “Directory of World Medical Schools”.

Graduated from Kazakhstann Medical Universities have been working in various Medical Organisations throughout the world including India.

Duration of Studying in Best Medical Universities of Kazakhstan

All the Medical Universities in Kazakhstan which International students choose to do their MBBS from Kazakhstan, offers the course for the Duration of 5 Years if they Choose to Study in a Full English or Bilingual program, except one University (i.e. I.P Pavlov State Medical University St. Petersburg.)

If as student choses to do their MBBS in Kazakhstan in Kazakhstann Language then they have to join extra one year of preparatory course, which makes the Duration of MBBS in Kazakhstan 7 Years.

Medium of Teaching for MBBS in Best Medical Universities of Kazakhstan.

There are mainly 3 Types of Medical Universities in Kazakhstan.

Please Note: – No matter which Type of University a Student Choose to do their MBBS in Kazakhstan, All International Students are given Kazakhstann Language Classes to help them Learn the Language, which is required for Interaction with patients during the clinical cycles.

Eligibility Criteria for Best Medical Universities in Kazakhstan.

As per Medical Council of India the minimum qualification for Indian Students to study abroad is:

All the Medical Universities in Kazakhstan are regulated by same Government Body and are recognized by MCI (Medical Council of India),WHO & Medical Council of leading countries like U.S.A, U.K, middle east, Australia, India, Canada etc. so it does not matter which government university you choose for MBBS in Kazakhstan.

Best university for anyone is the one which is most suitable for oneself keeping in Mind the location, fees, Monthly expense, and one’s personal needs.

The list down below is Best suited for Indian students who want to fulfill their dreams of becoming a doctor by Studying MBBS in Kazakhstan. As we are students studying MBBS in Kazakhstan itself we have kept in mind all the needs of the students and have come up with this list.

Note- All these Universities teach students fully in English Language.

Alfarabi Kazakh National Medical University

Al-Farabi Kazakh National University is the leading institution of the system of higher education of the Republic of Kazakhstan, which was the first to pass the state certification and which has justified its right to realize academic activity on all specialties and at all levels.
AlFarabi Kazakh National Medical University

Asfendiyarov Kazakh National Medical University

For 89 years of its rich history, the main source of personnel the Kazakhstan of public health, SanzharAsfendiyarov Kazakh national medical University trained almost 80 000 doctors of different specialties,high-level professionals who have made a significant contribution to the protection of life and peoplehealth. Every third doctor of the country today is a graduate of KazNMU. And here they got the basics ofmedical knowledge, kindness and mercy.

Asfendiyarov Kazakh National Medical University

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