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What Is The Process Of Admission In Foreign Universities?
You can find detailed process here . We are here to make the process easier for you, contact us for any doubts about the process.
Everything. 🙂 Right from picking up a suitable college, to helping you secure admission and then ensuring you can comfortably migrate for studies and settled in college, we have you covered at every step. Few of specific areas we help you are,
As per Medical Council of India the minimum qualification for Indian Students to study abroad is :
6 Years – If you choose to study All 6 years in English or Bilingual medium (First 3 years in English & Last 3 years in Russian Language). 7 Years – If you choose to study in Russian Medium. Students have to study 1 year additional as preparatory course for Russian Language. You can consult us to find out which option is better for you.
Initially we will need following documents to start processing and verifying your candidature,
Good news is that there is no fixed last date, different universities have different dates of application. Bad news is that since students from all over the world apply in colleges, including local russian students, the seats are often limited. It is good if you applysoon to get your dream college and dream seat. Contact us as soon as possible to know the current status. Keep in mind that processes like visa and getting the admission letter takes time and the session starts from 1st of September in almost all universities in Russia. So sooner you apply the better.
Yes, absolutely.Apply it as soon as possible. You may also want to apply in tatkal passport option expedite things.
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Does The Student Have To Give Any Entrance Examination Prior To Joining MBBS In Universities Various Countries?
Unlike the other countries, there are no pre-qualifying examinations like TOEFL, IELTS, etc. for admission to MBBS course in universities we provide admission in.
Students only have to appear in NEET exam and qualify it by scoring 50 percentile. Rest, the admissions are based on the 12th standard marks for the Graduate courses.
Is Degree From Russian Or Medical Universities Of Other Countries Acceptable In Other Countries Too?
Yes, the Medical universities that we suggest have been accredited by WHO and UNESCO, as well as valid in all major countries of the world. Therefore, you can practice in any of your preferred country with the degree rewarded by these medical universities.
What Is The Medium Of Teaching?
It varies from university to university. Some universities provide first 3 years in English and next 3 in Russian Language. whereas some provide all 6 years in English. Universities in other countries teach in full English. In Russia, generally medium of Instruction is in English with help of Russian Language. Clinical subjects (Hospital training in most Medical Universities of Russia are taught in Russian Language because students have to interact with patient directly.) Every Medical University of Russia has a Russian Language Department which teaches Russian language from the beginning of the first year.
Do I Have To Pay Extra Money To Learn Russian Language?
Every Medical University of Russia has a Russian Language Department which teaches Russian language from the beginning of the first year.Russian Language is taught as a subject along with other medical subjects to foreign students as a part of the curriculum.
When Does The Academic Year Starts In Universities Of Russia?
Academic year in all Universities of Russia starts from 1st September Although the you can join in December for preperatory russian language course(if you wish).
Is Russian Language Must To Learn For MBBS In Russia?
Yes, It is necessary to learn Russian Language if you want to integrate in the society and also you require Russian language to talk to patients during clinical training. Checkout our Video, we have tried to explain it inside our video.
After Completing The Course Can I Do My Internship From India?
Yes, on completing the course student need to appear for the MCI(Medical Council of India) screening examination, after clearing the MCI screening examination, student can do internship in India.
Can I Practice In My Country Or Can I Get A Job In A Government Hospital On My Return?
We suggest Top Government Medical Universities which are recognized by MCI and WHO so student is eligible to get a job in any government or private hospital after completing his degree and clearing the MCI exam.
How Many Times I Can Appear In MCI Screening Test?
Students get unlimited chances to appear in MCI Screening Test. MCI conducts screening test twice an year i.e. June and December.
As Russia Is A Very Cold Country, What Are The Arrangements Made By The University?
All the university buildings, including hostels, classroom, and hospitals are centrally heated. This heating system is controlled by the local municipal department of the respective city and provide hot water 24*7.
Can We Travel To Visit Any Other Countries While Studying Abroad?
Yes, you can travel to other countries like Finland, Sweden, UK, Germany, Sweden, Italy, France, Poland, etc. during summer and winter vacations. All you have to do is just apply for the schengen visa.
Is Student Visa Is Compulsory To Study MBBS From Abroad?
Yes, without student visa you cannot pursue MBBS from Abroad. You need to apply for the visa, along with the admission form of the respective university. We help in the entire process of admission and visa and ensure smooth and hassle-free experience throughout the process.
Can I Get An Education Loan?
Yes, You can easily get Education Loan from private and nationalized banks. We can help you in collecting all the necessary documents required to apply for the loan.
What Mode Of Payment Is Available To Pay Fees?
Students can access any of the modes of payment between cash and demand draft. Students apply for an education loan get the demand draft in the name of the respective university to pay. On the other side, student can also pay in cash.
Can A Student Come Back To India In Holidays And What Is The Holiday Period?
Students get vacation in the month of July & August.However, in summer vacations they have to complete the hospital training which is a part of academic curriculum. Some universities allow students to complete hospital training in their native countries. So students can come back home in starting of the holidays. In other universities students have to complete hospital training in University hospitals only, so students can only come back to their country on completing the training. Apart from vacations, students can come back home in case of emergency conditions with prior permission from university officials.
Can A Student Earn While Learning?
No, a student cannot do a job while studying since he/she is having a student visa and not every country allows to work on student Visa. (But it is seen that few students somehow manage to earn.)
What Will Be The Average Monthly Expenses?
Students should need approximately 150-200$ per month. This figure is approximate and would differ on individual lifestyle. We have met students who spend only around 80-100$ per month and students who spend 400-500$ per month.
How Can Parents Send Money To Their Children?
Students can carry International Debit Card of any Government Bank like SBI, PNB, Canara Bank or any other government bank and use it to withdraw money from ATMs available here. Students can also carry hard cash(USD) with them.
Can Students Open Bank Account Here In Russia?
Yes, Students can open bank account in any bank here using their Passport.
I Have More Queries, What Should I Do?
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