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  • Is it good to do MBBS in Russia?

    It's clear that if one manages to secure a seat at Government Medical Colleges in India then they should definitely choose them as they will be in their home country being free from all the problems like being totally on your own,...

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  • What is the duration of MBBS?

      In India-
    • 1st year - 12 months
    • 2nd year - 18 months
    • 3rd year - 12 months
    • 4th year - 12 months
    • So total period for academics in India is 4.5 years. 1 year agai...

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    • What should you choose between MBBS in Abroad and taking a drop?

      It depends! After NEET, you'll either get selected for government college or not. If you have the later option then the difference between your result and the cut off will either be somewhere 50-100 or more.

      Now the impor...

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