Is there any donation like thing for studying MBBS in Russia ?...

  • Is there any donation like thing for studying MBBS in Russia ?

    No, there is no such thing like donation for MBBS in Russia.

    There are many private colleges in India which demand for donation in lakhs. They set a package for admission, present this package to the students approaching them and if they are willing to give that amount, they get admission. Apart from this donation, they have to pay yearly fees to the college for tuition, accomodation etc. So the total cost of studying in private medical colleges in India goes nearly in crores.

    On the contrary, there are no private medical universities in Russia. All universities are either Federal (operated and funded by Central Government) or State (operated and funded by state governments) universities. While taking admission, you only pay the fees which is already decided, nothing more than that. The entire cost for studying MBBS in Russia costs 25–30 lakhs including tuition fees, accomodation and other charges.

    Russia is chosen by a large number of students every year to pursue their dream of becoming doctors. The biggest reason to choose Russia is their affordable universities, good infrastructures and quality education. This option is truly better than doing MBBS in private medical colleges in India and paying in crores. You can save and use that amount while doing your PG. Think about this!

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