What should you choose between MBBS in Abroad and taking a drop?...

  • What should you choose between MBBS in Abroad and taking a drop?

    It depends! After NEET, you'll either get selected for government college or not. If you have the later option then the difference between your result and the cut off will either be somewhere 50-100 or more.

    Now the important part! If the difference is 50100 then I'll say it is worth taking a drop if you have confidence that you can cover this gap next time. If you get a government medical seat after a drop, you'll be in your homeland, with your family and far from the stress of doing everything on your own along with the studies.

    If the difference is more than the numbers mentioned above then we won't suggest to take drop and waste a year. In fact, deep inside everyone knows what they can do and what they can't so think and then take decision. There can be people with difference of 50100 but still they don't like the word drop so they can also think for the option we're telling below.

    If you don't get a government seat, you think about the private medical colleges with crores of fees and donations. There is no point in spending crores for an undergraduate course even if you know that this won't be sufficient? You of course have to do a post graduation for staying in the competition. For people thinking like this, we'll suggest to go for MBBS abroad and spend the rest on post graduation! The points we're mentioning below will explain why..

    • You can complete your MBBS under 30 lakhs including everything. (There are universities offering courses in 20 lakhs too).
    • No donations
    • MCI/NMC, WHO, ECFMG, GMC, AMC, WDOMS certified universities. So after passing, you can work in any country you want.
    • Going outside and living on your own will surely develop your personality and make you self reliant.
    • There is a chance of learning different languages and in turn extending your opportunities.
    • According to NMC, there won't be any exam just for foreign medical graduates from now on. The Indian Medical Graduates and Foreign Medical Graduates will be on same page and both will give NEXT as final licensing exam.

    Decision is totally yours, you can choose any of them as you know about your capabilities and there is no point in wasting money so choose wisely.


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