Is it good to do MBBS in Russia?...

  • Is it good to do MBBS in Russia?

    It's clear that if one manages to secure a seat at Government Medical Colleges in India then they should definitely choose them as they will be in their home country being free from all the problems like being totally on your own, far from the family at a new place along with the studies.

    If by any reason, one fails to get into a government medical college then in my opinion, MBBS in foreign countries like Russia is the best option. I'll explain you why in the next part of my answer-

    Lower fees

    MBBS abroad is rather better than private or deemed medical colleges in India. We all know that the amount goes in crores for these colleges but on the other hand you can complete your MBBS in 20 to 30 lakhs including everything in foreign universities. You can save this money here and spend it on you post grad as there is no point in spending this much on undergrad if there is no value to it nowadays. Specialization or PG is must if you want to be in competition.

    Fully English programs

    Foreign universities have fully English programs for international students. Studying in English opens gates for various opportunities and everyone knows this. There is chance of learning different languages in countries like Russia which is like cherry on the cake.


    Nearly all foreign medical universities are recognized by best medical councils around the globe like MCI/NMC of India, WHO, ECFMG of USA, GMC of UK, AMC of Australia etc. From these, you are not limited to just one country, you can work wherever you want and live a better life.


    Best global infrastructure, advanced technologies, finest use of modern medicine and exposure to better things can be the merits of choosing abroad. On the other hand, it proves very beneficial for one to develop his personality. You live on you own, spend on your own, decide on your own, this gives you confidence and ability to choose between good and bad and that's what needed.


    You meet with the best people here in abroad. We all know that there is more scope to research and other works there so you'll see some people with miraculous brains and great knowledge. Believe me, I have one professor of anatomy who was nominated for Nobel prize. There are many more to tell though.


    NMC has introduced NEXT from now on so Indian Medical Graduates and Foreign Medical Graduates will be on same page. Both will have to pass NEXT exam to get licensed in India. FMGs can apply for USMLE, PLAB etc. so they have a plus point of having more opportunities here.

    Is it good studying MBBS in Russia?

    Yes, it is! We currently have many students studying in different countries around the globe and with their experience, we can surely say it is a good choice to go for. The future you depend on the decisions you take today, so choose wisely.


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