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MBBS in Russia

  • Is it good to do MBBS in Russia?

    It's clear that if one manages to secure a seat at Government Medical Colleges in India then they should definitely choose them as they will be in their home country being free from all the problems like being totally on your own,...

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  • Is there any donation like thing for studying MBBS in Russia ?

    No, there is no such thing like donation for MBBS in Russia.

    There are many private colleges in India which demand for donation in lakhs. They set a package for admission, present this package to the students approaching...

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  • Duration of MBBS in Russia

    MBBS in Russia follows a standard curriculum based on the government guidelines for General Medicine dividing the course into two main halves. The total duration is basically 6 years.In the first three years (1st, 2nd and 3rd), st...

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